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the Gift of Drift support sticker #2

$5.00 / Coming Soon

Positive Drift Club!!!!

Giving the gift of drift, From professional to grass roots shredder to event media to drift enthusiast we all remember starting to drift or wanting to ourselves. From dreaming about it, to working a struggling 9-5 to just be able to afford to live with the dreams of sliding with your bros. Some are not so fortunate enough to have the funds but have the same dreams just like all of us! So we created the Positive Drift Club, we will be taking proceeds and using them towards First timers drift events along with some personal coaching and support (coaching and support limited to distance but we will be working with others across the US for help)!! with your support we are hoping to grow this program to become wide spread. We have received some amazing responses already with just the idea from tracks to semi professional drifters, so its time to go full speed ahead. We will be working out details in the next couple weeks and will be posting everything on our social media platforms. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other means of support and would love to donate in other ways as well, from running a event to coaching ect. We are so excited to give back to the community!!

Each tier of donation receives one sticker for the support and your name added to the list of supporters for each New driver we give the Gift of Drift.

*please allow some time to receive your sticker they are being produced currently